7 Popular Celebrities Who Have Insomnia

It's not unexpected that the effervescent Lady G has trouble sleeping after her meteoric rise to superstardom over the last decade.

 Lady Gaga

The Hollywood Reporter, actor, director, and director George Clooney disclosed that he has a "tough time getting to sleep" and can wake up to five times every night.

2) George Clooney

Carrie Underwood did it when she tweeted about her insomnia while expecting her youngest kid, Jacob Fisher.

3) Carrie Underwood

She felt upset the day before she overdosed after learning that a friend had gotten fifteen hours of sleep.

4) Marilyn Monroe

Jennifer Aniston discusses her issues with insomnia quite often, along with how talking with her physician helped get her on the correct track to sleep better.

5) Jennifer Aniston

Fans were startled when the popular music star revealed that she only gets three to four hours of sleep per night. In an interview, she stated:

6) Rihanna

Madonna revealed to Rolling Stone in 2015 that she has been suffering from sleeplessness for decades.

7) Madonna

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