Tina Turner “The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll” died at the age of 83.

Tina Turner And Her Life:

Tina Turner died at the age of 83.

Tina Turner was an American-born and naturalized Swiss singer, dancer, actress, and author who died on May 24, 2023, at the age of 83. She was widely referred to as the “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll” and had a successful career as the lead singer of the Ike & Tina Turner Revue and a solo performer. She had many hit songs, such as “What’s Love Got to Do with It”, “Proud Mary” and “The Best”. She also acted in movies like Tommy and Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome. She was married twice, first to Ike Turner, who abused her, and later to Erwin Bach. She had four children and was a survivor of domestic violence, a stroke, and cancer. She was a legend in the music industry and influenced many artists, such as Cher and Beyoncé. She received many awards and honors, including eight Grammy Awards and two inductions into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame. She retired from performing in 2009 and lived in Switzerland until her death.

According to a statement from her publicist, Tina Turner died after a long illness. She had been diagnosed with intestinal cancer in 2016 and had a kidney transplant in 2017. Her husband donated one of his kidneys to her. She also suffered from high blood pressure, vertigo, and a mild stroke. She revealed in her 2018 autobiography that she had attempted suicide in 1976 to escape her abusive marriage to Ike Turner.

Musical Influences Throughout Her Career: 

Tina Turner had many musical influences throughout her profession. Some of them are:

Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf: These blues legends stimulated Tina to sing with passion and emotion. She said in an interview, “I found out how to sing from listening to Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf data.”1

Little Richard: Tina’s famous Little Richard’s flamboyant fashion and active performance. She stated, “He changed into the primary one that honestly was given me into rock ‘n’ roll.”1 She also performed with him within the early days of her profession.

Mick Jagger: Tina and Mick had a mutual admiration for every differing’s stage presence and dance actions. They accomplished collectively several instances, which includes at Live Aid in 1985. Tina stated, “He’s one of my favorite performers due to the fact he dances like I do.”1

Janis Joplin: Tina encouraged Janis’s vocal style and delivery. Janis become a huge fan of Tina and regularly went to peer her performance with Ike. Tina stated, “She was very encouraged by me. She used to return to our suggestions and stand in the front of the stage and simply scream.”2

Beyoncé: Tina stimulated Beyoncé’s singing, dancing, and fashion picks. Beyoncé stated, “Tina Turner is a person that I appreciate due to the fact she made her energy feminine and horny.” She also performed with Tina at the 2008 Grammy Awards.

These are simply some of the artists who have been encouraged by way of Tina Turner or who prompted her. She changed into a flexible and revolutionary performer who left an enduring legacy in the song industry.

Some frequently asked questions about Tina Turner are:

How old was she when she died?

She was 83 years old. She was born on November 26, 1939, and died on May 24, 2023. She had a long and remarkable life.

How many children did she have? 

She had four children: two biological sons with Ike Turner (Craig and Ronnie) and two adopted sons (Michael and Ike Jr.).

What was her net worth? 

According to Celebrity Net Worth, she had an estimated net worth of $250 million at the time of her death.

What was her real name?

 Her birth name was Anna Mae Bullock. Ike Turner gave her the stage name Tina Turner and trademarked it.

What was her autobiography called? 

Her first autobiography was called I, Tina: My Life Story (1986), co-written with Kurt Loader. Her second autobiography was called My Love Story (2018).

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