The Challenge Star Nelson Thomas Considers Ankle Amputation

The Challenge Star Nelson Thomas Considers Ankle Amputation

October 1, 2023

Nelson Thomas is a reality TV star known for his appearances on MTV’s The Challenge. He was recently involved in a car accident that has left him facing the possibility of an ankle amputation.

The Accident

Thomas was in a car accident in Austin, Texas, in March 2023. He was pulled out of his burning car by Minnesota Vikings player K.J. Osborn and three other bystanders. Thomas was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, including a broken ankle and forearm.

The Recovery

Thomas spent nearly two months in the hospital recovering from his injuries. He underwent multiple surgeries on his ankle and forearm. After being discharged from the hospital, Thomas continued his recovery at home.

The Setback

In September 2023, Thomas shared some bad news with his fans on social media. He revealed that his ankle had re-fractured and was not healing properly. His doctor told him that he had two options: either they could try to salvage his ankle, or they could amputate it.

The Decision

Thomas is still undecided about what to do. He is currently undergoing additional tests to determine the best course of treatment. He has said that he is open to both the possibility of ankle salvage and amputation.

The Support

Thomas has received a lot of support from his fans and fellow reality TV stars. Many people have shared their own experiences with amputation and offered their encouragement. Thomas has said that he is grateful for the support and that it is helping him through this difficult time.

The Future

Thomas is still in the early stages of his recovery. It is unclear what the future holds for him. However, he has said that he is determined to make a full recovery, regardless of what he decides to do about his ankle.

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