Elizabeth Holmes Parents: What Do Elizabeth Holmes Parents Do?

Elizabeth Holmes is the founder and former CEO of Theranos, a biotech company that claims to revolutionize blood tests with its Edison device, Which can reportedly perform hundreds of tests with one drop of blood. However, in 2018, Holmes was charged with multiple charges of fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud when it was discovered that his technology did not work and that he had investors, Clients, and patients were misled. He was convicted in four cases of fraud in January 2022 and is awaiting sentence.

But who are the parents of Elizabeth Holmes and what do they do? Here are some facts about Noel and Christian Holmes, the parents of one of the most notorious entrepreneurs in the history of Silicon Valley.

Noel and Christian Holmes are both from Washington, D.C.

According to Heavy.com, both Noel and Christian Holmes were in Washington, D.C. where they met and married. Noel Holmes ( née Doust ) worked as a policy associate on Capitol Hill, while Christian Holmes IV Worked for various  U.S. government agencies including the Agency for International Development ( USAID ), Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA), and State Department.

Christian Holmes IV worked as a vice president at Enron

One of Christian Holmes IV’s most notable jobs was as vice president at Enron, Which was an energy company that collapsed in 2001 after a major accounting fraud scam. According to Women’s Health2, Christian Holmes IV moved his family to Houston, Texas for a job in Enron, where he supervised foreign projects. However, he was fired in 1999, two years before the company went bankrupt.

Noel and Christian Holmes inspired Elizabeth Holmes to make a difference in the world

In an interview with The New Yorker in 2014, Elizabeth Holmes stated that her parents instilled in her a sense of social responsibility and a desire to change the world. He said that his father’s work at USAID made him aware of global health issues like malaria and HIV / AIDS, While his mother’s work in Capitol Hill taught him about public policy and advocacy. He also said that his parents encouraged him to increase interest in science and technology from a young age.

Noel and Christian Holmes supported Elizabeth Holmes throughout her Theranos saga

Despite the controversy and legal troubles faced by Elizabeth Holmes over Theranos, her parents remained supportive of her and her attitudes. According to Nikki Swift3, Noel and Christian Holmes attended some court hearings during Elizabeth’s trial, and were seen hugging and comforting outside the court. He also allegedly helped pay her legal fees and living expenses, as well as caring for her newborn son while in court.

Noel and Christian Holmes are still proud of Elizabeth Holmes

Even after Elizabeth Holmes was convicted of fraud, Noel and Christian Holmes expressed no regret or disappointment at their daughter. Instead, he issued a statement saying that he was “proud” of his “achievements” and “honesty. He also said that he believes he is innocent and that they will continue to support his appeals process. He said he expected “the truth to prevail” and “justice will happen”.

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