BIGBANG member T.O.P confirms his withdrawal from the K-pop group: The end of an era?

BIGBANG, one of the most influential and successful K-pop groups of all time, has lost one of its members. T.O.P, also known as Choi Seung-hyun, has confirmed that he is no longer a part of the group and will focus on his solo music career.

Why did T.O.P leave BIGBANG?

T.O.P made the announcement on his Instagram account, where he shared a video and a photo of himself working on his music. He wrote, “Still making my albums” in the photo, hinting at his upcoming comeback.

A fan commented on his post, asking him if he had left BIGBANG. T.O.P replied, “I’ve already told you guys that I’m leaving and I’m now facing a new chapter in my life since last year.”

He also made it clear that his comeback would be as a solo artist and posted on his Instagram story that he had already left the group. He crossed out BIGBANG several times on his Instagram stories, showing his determination to move on.

Crossed out “Big Bang” from an article about himself Article title: TOP announced his comeback as a solo after leaving Big Bang.

T.O.P’s withdrawal from BIGBANG comes a year after he left YG Entertainment, the label that created and nurtured the group for over 15 years. He was the first member to leave the agency, followed by G-Dragon and Taeyang. The remaining members, Daesung and Seungri, are still under YG Entertainment.

T.O.P’s departure from YG Entertainment was marked by his desire to expand his horizons beyond BIGBANG. However, the agency had stated that T.O.P would participate in BIGBANG’s activities whenever possible. After leaving the label, T.O.P expressed his happiness and relief over his decision on Instagram Stories.

Who is T.O.P and what did he do in BIGBANG?

T.O.P was one of the founding members of BIGBANG, which debuted in 2006. He was known for his deep voice, charismatic rap skills, and artistic talents. He also pursued a career as an actor, starring in films such as Tazza: The Hidden Card and Out of Control.

BIGBANG is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of the K-pop wave, with numerous hit songs such as “Lies”, “Haru Haru”, “Fantastic Baby”, and “Bang Bang Bang”. The group has won several awards and accolades, including MTV Europe Music Awards, Japan Record Awards, and Billboard Music Awards. The group has also sold over 140 million records worldwide.

How did fans react to T.O.P’s withdrawal?

BIGBANG released their first comeback song in four years, “Still Life”, in February 2023. The song topped the charts and received positive reviews from fans and critics. T.O.P participated in the song and its music video before announcing his withdrawal from the group.

Fans have expressed mixed reactions to T.O.P’s withdrawal from BIGBANG. Some fans were supportive and wished him well in his solo career. Some fans were disappointed and sad that he would no longer be part of the group. Some fans were confused and angry that he would just leave without a proper farewell.

Here are some of their comments:

“I respect T.O.P’s decision but I’m still heartbroken. He was my bias in BIGBANG and I loved his rap and style. I hope he finds happiness and success in his solo career.”

“T.O.P is so selfish and ungrateful. He betrayed BIGBANG and their fans who supported him through thick and thin. He should have stayed with the group until the end.”

“T.O.P has every right to leave BIGBANG if he wants to. He has been through a lot of hardships and controversies in his career. He deserves to do what makes him happy and fulfilled.”

“T.O.P leaving BIGBANG is like breaking up with your first love. It hurts so much but you have to let go and move on. I will always cherish the memories of BIGBANG as five members.”

“T.O.P leaving BIGBANG is not a surprise to me. He has been distancing himself from the group for a long time. He barely interacted with them or promoted their songs. He seemed unhappy and bored.”

What do you think of T.O.P’s withdrawal from BIGBANG? Are you looking forward to his solo music? How do you feel about BIGBANG as a four-member group? Let us know in the comments below!

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