Biden celebrates debt ceiling deal in his first Oval Office speech

Hey everyone. Did you see the speech of President Biden on Friday night? He gave his first speech from the Oval Office. He was very happy about the debt ceiling deal. He had made with the Republicans. He said it was a huge victory for the American people and proof that democracy can still work.

What was the debt ceiling deal about?

The debt ceiling is the limit on how much money the government can borrow to pay its bills. If the government reaches the limit, it can’t borrow more. It could default on its debts and cause a huge economic crisis.

The debt ceiling was supposed to expire on June 10. which means the government would have run out of money and faced a default. That would have been really bad for everyone. Millions of Americans would have lost their jobs, their benefits, their savings, and their services. The stock market would have crashed. Interest rates would have soared. Also, the global economy would have been in chaos.

Luckily, Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy managed to work out a deal to avoid that disaster. They agreed to raise the debt ceiling for two years and cut federal spending by $1.5 trillion over 10 years. They also agreed to some other changes. As like making people work more hours to get food stamps and taking back some money from the IRS. And Some agencies that were fighting Covid-19.

Why was Biden so happy about the deal?

Biden was really proud of this deal. Because he said it proved that he can work with the Republicans. He expresses possibilities to get things done for the country. He said that both sides had to compromise and give up some things they wanted. He said that they also got some things they needed. He said that’s how democracy is supposed to work.

He also said that the deal protected his agenda and his priorities. As like investing in infrastructure, clean energy, education, health care, and veterans. He said that the deal also protected Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and student debt relief. He said that the deal honored the obligations of America and kept its promise to everyone.

He also thanked McCarthy and other leaders from both parties for working with him.  He thanked them for being respectful and honest with each other. He said that they need to see each other as fellow Americans, not as enemies. He said they need to work together to pursue progress and prosperity for everyone.

What did I think of Biden’s speech?

I think the speech of Biden was pretty good. He sounded confident and optimistic. He explained what the deal was about and why it was important. He also tried to appeal to both sides and show that he can be a unifier and a leader.

I also liked how he spoke from the Oval Office. It made him look more presidential and serious. It also reminded me of some of his predecessors who gave historic speeches from there, like FDR, JFK, Reagan, Obama, etc.

I think Biden did a good job of celebrating his achievement. It is good for boosting his image as a bipartisan dealmaker. I think he needed that after some of his recent setbacks and challenges. I hope he can keep it up and deliver more results for the country.

What did you think of Biden’s speech? Let me know in the comments below.

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