Adipurush Movie Review: A Splendid Adaptation of Ramayana

The Story of Adipurush: 

Adipurush is a mega-budget movie that adapts the epic Ramayana for a huge display. The movie narrates the story of Raghav (Ram), who’s exiled to the woodland together with his spouse Janki (Sita), and brother Shesh (Lakshman). There, they stumble upon Ravan, who kidnaps Janki and takes her to his island. Raghav then embarks on an assignment to rescue his cherished with the assistance of a military of monkeys led via Hanuman.

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The Highlights:

The film is a visual pride that showcases the wealthy culture and mythology of India. The film has some breathtaking action sequences, which include the clash between Raghav and Ravan, the bridge-making via the monkeys, and the very last conflict in Lanka. The film also has some heartwarming moments, such as the farewell of Raghav and Janki, the martyrdom of Jatayu, and the reunion of Raghav and his brothers.

The movie additionally has some terrific performances through its lead actors. Prabhas dazzles as Raghav, displaying his nobility, courage, and devotion. Kriti Sanon charms Janki, displaying her grace, beauty, and strength. Saif Ali Khan excels as Ravan, displaying his arrogance, ambition, and charisma. Sunny Singh does a good job as Shesh, displaying his loyalty, bravery, and humor.

The Drawbacks:

The film has some minor flaws that can be neglected inside the mild of its deserves. The film has an easy script that focuses greater on the movement than the drama. The movie additionally takes a few creative liberties with the authentic supply material, which include adding some subplots, converting a few occasions and characters, and giving a modern twist to some elements. The film additionally has some tacky dialogues that sound humorous and catchy.

The film also has some technical glitches that do not affect its overall quality. The film’s editing is fast-paced and crisp, leaving some scenes short or sudden. The film’s music is catchy and upbeat, but not very memorable or impactful. The film’s VFX is impressive and realistic in most scenes, but not very consistent or flawless in some scenes. 

The verdict 

Overall, Adipurush is a great film that is worth watching for its visual effects and action sequences. It is a sincere attempt that succeeds in its ambition and desires to entertain. It is a splendid adaptation of Ramayana that will appeal to all ages and audiences. 

The Collection

Adipurush Movie has opened to a huge box office collection on its first day of release. The film has reportedly earned over ₹ 50 crore on its opening day and is expected to earn over ₹ 170 crore by the end of its first weekend. The film has also broken several records in terms of advance bookings, ticket prices, and overseas collections.

Rating: 4/5 stars

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